are there any business majors out there that I can have a quick chit chat with. i don’t want someone that’s only read one business textbook. i’m talking like a serious business major. it should be quick. private message for my email 

Anonymous said: Get some larges for the lanky fuckers like myself and I'd happily buy one next go around!

there’s still some larges for you right now though (; but okay you lanky funker i’m looking forward to personally shipping your shirt off to you homie c: 

Anonymous said: I'll support this. You guys got any men sizes?

Its unisex! I have a sizing chart in the terms and conditions. If I do say so myself, I’m 5’7” and 135lbs and I’d prefer wearing a medium. My guy friends are probably a large and they’re about 5’9” and my little brother would be in an extra large, since he’s 6’3” and 200lbs. 

Unisex is the shitttttt 

Anonymous said: Are you guys planning on restocking quickly?

Honestly I didn’t anticipate this many orders, so quickly. 
I can get another shipment in a week and a half, at the soonest. I definitely will get far more smalls and mediums next time. I’m really happy all of you guys are enjoying the dyes so much! 

Anonymous said: You was at the teen choice awards homie?

nah homie i am the teens choice and awards come with it 

Anonymous said: i was watching the teen choice awards and when demi was singing you know "i really don't care" the video was in the backgroud and i saw you checking your phone lol


Anonymous said: I really want to do well with my degree and you are my inspiration in achieving awesome grades. Do you have any tips or tricks that help you learn, write essays and study for exams? :)

I actually bring a black white board into coffee shops, play classical music, and I write everything I should know. I ask myself questions in my head that would be on an exam, and expect myself to either answer it casually like I was in conversation, or to answer the questions as naturally as 1+1=2.

Like for Ochem I’d sit and write out mechanisms and reaction after reaction on my white board with neon markers. Makes my brain just absorb everything

Anonymous said: You dont seem like the type who wants kids when their older do u?

Oh my god I want babies so bad some day. Carry on the Sandoval name and the genetics.

Anonymous said: so you use old spice fiji?

you’re correct!