Why are we so weird w3as3ly

guys this is toothpaste stop being so dirty minded. i always get toothpaste on this one side of my mouth and ashley always laughs at me and tells me to wash my face 

Anonymous said: You are so beautiful

you are so beautiful also ok

Anonymous said: Do you smoke?

nah i’m not cool enough

Anonymous said: Do you have an OkCupid account under "cal-sun"? Cause if not, it seems that somebody may be pretending to be you.

that’s not me. i just made an OkCupid account just so i could go message the person lmfao no cat fishing kids. it’s not good for the soul. 

Anonymous said: Part indian somewhere in your ancestry?

are you saying indian as in india or native american? because i’m Arapaho indian, as in native american. and i’m also spanish. but i have norwegian, german, and swedish on my mom’s side. so i’m just a mixture. 


Why are we so weird w3as3ly

i should be embarrassed…. tooth paste disclaimer 

Anonymous said: What should we do if we want to join the contest, but don't have an Instagram?

We’ll add in everyone who reblogs it on tumblr as well! Just privately message me after you reblog it and let me know (:

Colors of the Sky… your new obsession.