Anonymous said: You should make ur new video available on mobile

if you can find a way that’d be great but youtube won’t let me



My summer 2014 road trip from Tacoma, WA to Los Angeles, CA

Anonymous said: do you have both your ears done? and what size are they?

one is 7/16in and the other is a little bigger than 1/2inch 

Anonymous said: Do you often go to the gym to have such awesome biceps and triceps?

No I just eat cookies and think about working out

Anonymous said: Did you really crash your car?


Anonymous said: Hi! Could you list the songs that were in your lesbian road trip video please? Thank you :)

3lau - how you love me
coasts - oceans
FMLYBND - electricity 
hoodie allen - no interruption
yellowcard - ocean avenue

Anonymous said: Do you prefer the receiving side or giving? Sexually.

i used to be a huge fan of the giver side until i realized ashley was a fucking  vixen in bed. and yes i just said fox like she’s literally fucking crazy 

Anonymous said: Cut your nails omg poor Ashley

i only cut my ring finger’s nail and my middle finger on my right hand (for obvious reasons FOR ashley).

as a kid i HaTeD the feeling of like nothing protecting my finger tip, and it literally makes me sick feeling them cut back to the pinks. so 8 of my fingers are happy and two are sacrificed for love. 

now get the fuck out of our business pls thnks

Anonymous said: What do you and Ashley fight about?

her beating me at card games. her sucking at car directions. me being an ass and her being a stubborn pain in my ass