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why do people like fall



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ugh why can’t I play the cello dammit 

Bourne Vivaldi - The Piano Guys 

If you ever need a song to match the suspense of completing an assignment, believe me, it got me through tons of ochem reports. 

Anonymous said: Do you know when you'll be making more of the Group 18 tanks? They're really awesome and I love how you came up with the idea :)

i’m currently in the process of revamping our stock so they’ll be back out for you guys to grab up as you please. 

just keep in mind that I am not buying these shirts “pre-done.” i work on each individual shirt and i’ll hand dye it, making it very unique in it’s own way. it’s time consuming and takes a little while, but once they’re back out, it’s all worth it. 

Anonymous said: your love of writing and your love for biology/chemistry/that sciency side i know absolutely nothing about make your diction so unique and quite amazing. it's so interesting the way you describe things. you major in that sciency stuff so your vocabulary has a lot of unusual words from that and the way you incorporate them into your writing like they actually are usual words is kind of fascinating. i love it.

"the way you incorporate [that sciency stuff] into your writing like they actually are usual words" ahahaha you’re the sweetest lmfao knowing the chemical build of everything around you is terrifying in some ways but eye opening in so many others. tons of different angles and perspective to come at things. 



i lit some candles and cleaned up my room and my girlfriend and I went to buy a teapot and some tea and I haven’t heard her sing in so long. she’s sitting here singing and humming to herself with her cup and tea and smiling at the little plants i got her and smiling at the candles and idk i fucking love when she’s happy

I love you more than I love tea and my cute lil tea kettle and plants and candles and twinkly lights COMBINED 💗💕❤️💞

Anonymous said: When and how did you start lifting, or just what is your exercise schedule n stuff? My pathway is similar to yours but I have no idea where to start myself physically.

wait when did I ever say I lift… I do body weight training basically. Like pull ups, push ups, squats, lunges. I do sprints, and speed and agility training. I’m not a huge fan of gyms and weights and all that stuff. Basically everything that I do, I can do outside.